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Dairy farming is the raising of cows to prouce milk. This milk is then converted via various methods to other products such as butter, cheese & milk. Dairy is not only limited to dairy cows, but also goats and sheep.

The four major dairy breeds in South Africa are the Holstein, Jersey, Guernsey and Ayrshire.

The dairy industry is important to South Africa’s job market, with over 4 000 milk producers employing about 60 000 farmworkers and indirectly providing jobs to some 40 000 people.

With pressure on the supply chain, as seen in this article, it is becoming increasingly important for a dairy farmer to manage his suply chain for maximum efficeincy.

C4 Africa can provide assistance in the management of intensive dairy farming through services such as:

  • In depth¬†analysis¬†of animal welfare as it forms an integral part of our strategy to optimise dairy animal production and therefore return on investment.
  • Consultation services that incorporate bedding, management, ventilation, stocking density, lighting and heat control.
  • Management of herd health via vaccination and administering the right medication to the right animals at the right time to ensure optimum health, and to maximise the return for the farmer.
  • Nutritional analysis and advice to ensure healthy herds.

Should you have any need for advice regarding diary farming, please contact us.